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All About Aikido [ History, Rules, … ]

Aikido is not a sport but a martial art, in which strength is not essential as you will realize.

History of Aikido

Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba between the decades of 1930 and 1960, in which the master was studying other martial arts and perfecting aikido.

This martial art aims to be a form of your practitioner if you can defend by relying on the strength and movement of the opponent attack.

Decades passed and there were no major changes since the teachers in charge were always the son of the current master. This happened for 3 generations.

Aikido is now taught and used by various police forces, with more power in Japanese authorities.

Actor Steven Seagle who used this martial art in several of his films in the 90 decade was one of his great movers around the world.

What is Aikido?

As has been said, it is a martial art, in which the strength of the user is not important.

What I mean by this is that the user uses the strength and movement of his opponent against himself.

He does this by redirecting his strength in a certain way and with a shift of weight and change of center of gravity manages to apply his technique.


Different types of movement are used such as pitch/projection, detours and twists.

Not everything is based on physical strength.

This is a martial art that personifies this statement and in which flexibility and motor coordination is more important than the force itself.


In Aikido one does not fight only with empty hands, but also arms are used, these being bokken (wood sword), jo (short stick) and the idea (wood knife).

Peace of mind and harmony with one’s being are some of the principles of this martial art, in which one tries to achieve spiritual stability.


Tag on Aikido

Something very important among its practitioners, especially in Japan where it is still in its purest state the etiquette and respect is something quite important.

There are even certain rules with regard to this, such as:

  • Do not fold your arms or roll up the sleeves inside the dojo, being considered a sign of disagreement.
  • Pay the monthly fees. Something that is common in this martial art is to leave an envelope with money after training as a sign of appreciation for past teachings.
  • Always keep your clothing well placed and clean.
  • Make a semi-venia at the beginning of the training, at the beginning of the fight and at the end of the same also in a sign of respect.
  • Do not lean your back against the wall while on the mat
  • Among other things…


Aikido Competitions

Unlike various martial arts, this one has never had and will hardly ever have some sort of competition.

This is because it goes against the very principles of the martial art that relies on mental stability, body training and self-defense.

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