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Get to Know the Artistic Gymnastics Equipment

This sport is divided by several gym equipment which some of them are also unique for each gender.

The male gadgets aim to enhance the strength and balance of the gymnast, while the feminine is already to highlight the beauty of gymnastics and flexibility.

Let’s see the various devices:


The soil test lasts 70 seconds in male and 90 seconds in a female and is made in a field of 12 meters long by 12 meters wide.

It should make a choreography composed of several elements, which are classified according to a table made by the International Federation because of difficulty.

The gymnast should do his choreography throughout the area covering the extremities, but without leaving with any part of the body. If this is leaving the valid area, then the gymnast will be penalized in points.

In female gymnastics solo the choreography is accompanied by a song, which combines with it. In male gymnastics, this does not happen.

gym solo


Here the gymnast begins with a run on a track of 25 meters and then jumps on a small trampoline and then rests both hands on the jumping table and in this gives a boost to his movement.

The movement consists of different rotations of the body in the air.

The device has 1,2 meters in length, 95 inches wide and 1,35 meters high. The female version has 1,25 meters long.

jumping gym

These two gym equipment above are the only ones executed by the two genders.

Horse with Handles

A horse is used 1,15 meters high with loops distanced between them (40 to 45 centimeters), and the horse itself has 1,60 meters long and 35 seconds high.

Here the movements are essentially of rotations and supports using the force of the arms.



Here the gymnast is 2,80 meters from the ground, supported by rings with 18 centimeters in diameter which are suspended by means of a cable attached to each one of them.

The athlete needs help from other people to get on the rings.


Parallel bars

As the name already says, it is composed of two parallel bars which are supported by some poles and stand at 2 meters of heights and are both 3,5 meters long.

gymnastics-parallel bars

Fixed Bar

This bar is suspended at 2,8 meters high, being cylindrical with 2,8 centimeters in diameter although these marks are not totally fixed and may vary slightly.

The bar is fastened with safety cables to the poles so that it does not end up leaving and put in question the physicist of the gymnast.


These gym equipment are used exclusively by men.

Asymmetric Bars

Two hanging bars are placed supported by posts, which fasten the bars to them with security cables so that they are well fixed to the ground.

The highest bar is 2,50 meters from the ground and the lowest bar is 1,70 meters.

Each bar has 2,4 meters long and 4 centimeters in diameter.

gym equipment

Balance Trave

Finally, we have the balance beam, in which the gymnast must perform a series of movements on a beam that is 10 inches wide, 5 meters long (you can do as you wish the movements you want) and is at 1,25 meters height.

The beam is coated with a material that absorbs the shock well and makes it stay firmly in place as well.

fitness equipment

And these were the exercise equipment used exclusively by women.

Gymnasts on some of the devices, especially those who require strength to lean on something use magnesium powder on their hands so that they do not cripple themselves and do not slip.

Other things can be used for the same purpose, like ribbons for example.

Gymnastics Score

The number of judges varies from apparatus to gym equipment, but a part of them is a group A that counts the points according to the difficulty of the elements that the gymnast does.

And then there’s a larger group of judges, group B, who evaluates the performance of the gymnast in those moves.

The average of points between the highest score and the lowest score assigned by group B is added to the points of group A, thus giving the final score.

It goes without saying that the gymnast with the most points is the winner of the competition.

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