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Beach Volleyball [ History, Rules, … ]

Beach volleyball is a variant of normal volleyball, which is played in the sand and has the rules practically equal to that of the original volleyball, one of the biggest differences being to be played by teams of two players.

History of Beach Volleyball

As already mentioned, the Beach volleyball was a natural evolution of volleyball, which began to appear on the beaches of Santa Monica California, around the year 1920.

It still took a few decades for this activity of socializing among friends and acquaintances on the beach to really begin to become a sport, until around the 70 years began to appear some professional competitions and tournaments, mainly sponsored by beers and cigarettes companies.

Once it began to gain some popularity, the sport quickly began to be practiced a little all over the world, especially in coastal locations and with good beaches.

In 1996 beach volleyball has become an Olympic modality for both men and women and since then one of the biggest world powers of this sport are the Brazilians.

Beach Volleyball Game

The measurements of the field are 16 meters long in width by 8 meters long. Curiously, the ball used in this variant is equal to that of volleyball, but the internal pressure of the ball is smaller.

The game is divided into sets, and for a team to win the set must make 21 points having a difference of at least 2 points between teams, if it does not, then the set continues until that difference exists. Win the match who conquers 2 sets first.

If the result in sets get 1 × 1, then play a final set, having this only 15 points, but the rule of point difference remain.

History Beach Volleyball

Rules (Beach Volleyball vs. Volleyball)

The rules of beach volleyball are very similar to the rules of normal volleyball as has been said, but there are still some differences, such as the playing field for example.

Let us now see what are the main differences between one and the other.

  • The number of players per team is 2, instead of 6, as has already been said;
  • The lock counts as a ringtone. If there is a blockage, that team only has more 2 touches, but despite that, the player who has blocked can make the next touch;
  • During the first two sets, teams change sides of the court every seven points. During the tie set, they do it every five points played.
  • There are no defined positions. Players can go to any part of the field without hindrance.
  • Invasion of field under the net is not foul, being signaled only if it disrupts the play of the rivals.



Pay attention to the elements

In volleyball court there is no rain, there is no wind, there is no sun.

In beach volleyball, all these things exist. Sometimes when the wind is a bit stronger the players have to know how to adapt and identify the direction of the wind so they are not surprised.

Women’s uniforms

Since 1999 there is some controversy among athletes about the clothing that is regulated by the FIVB, telling some of them that the regulations have been made to make them more sensual and thus attract more public.

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