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All About Bocce [ History, Rules, … ]

Bocce is a game that consists of throwing balls and aims to get closer to another smaller ball.

Usually, this sport is associated with the older ones but this is a reality that is more and more distant, since its popularity among the young ones, especially of recreational form, has increased immensely.

History of Bocce

Although not everyone agrees, it is common sense that this sport originated in the former Roman Empire and was easily spread throughout Europe when the Italians were in their conquests.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, this sport was so popular and common that people played everywhere, including in the streets and squares, with Carlos IV and his successor Carlos V of Spain even banned from being played.

Currently, this sport is very popular among the countries of Eastern Europe, such as Montenegro, Serbia, …

Bocce Field

The traditional field of Bocca is made either on land or on asphalt.

It has as measures 27,5 meters long and between 2,5 and 4 meters wide. The field should be delimited with spacers, and they may be of wood, with a height of at least 12 centimeters.

History Bocce

Bocce Game

The bowling game can be individual or with teams of 2,3 or 4 elements. Each team has 4 metal balls to launch during the match.

At the start one of the teams must shoot the ball (a small ball) to an area of 5 meters long that starts 2,5 meters from the end of the field back. If after 2 attempts the team can not place the ball in that area, the opposing team has the right to throw it and always so ..

The team that can send the ball to the correct zone has the right to start playing, thus sending its first ball. Then it is the other team to throw and will throw the balls that have until some of them arrive closer to the ball than the opponents. When the opponent arrives, he does the same until the balls run out.

In the end, the winning team accumulates 1 point for each ball that is closer to the ball than the opposing team.

Usually, the games end when one of the teams reaches between 7 and 11 points (depends on the rules of the organizer).



Bocce balls

As it has been said, each team must cast 4 balls, thus making a set of 8 balls. These are composed of metal and should have no effect on them. In terms of size or weight, there is nothing properly regulated.

What is Boccia?

Boccia is a variation of Bocce that is practiced by Paralympic athletes, being most in wheelchairs.

The rules are similar but do not have the same fields, being played in a pavilion and some of them use rails to give balance to the ball, depending on the level of paralysis they have. This level also defines in which category they play.

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