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All About Golf [ Rules, History, … ]

Golf is a sport that can be both individuals and played in teams, aiming to put the ball inside all holes using a club.

This sport is by many considered a “game for the rich” mainly because of the high costs, not so much for the equipment, that it can even be cheap if you buy used material but have access to the field and until you have time to play (a complete match in a field with 18 holes, it may take up to 4 hours or more to complete the entire circuit).

History of Golf

As to its origin and from which game or sport it originated there is a lot of uncertainty and many people defend different theories and all of them with valid elements.

What we can say is that golf was probably invented by the Scots who practiced 1400 around the year, and in 1457 the Scottish parliament forbade people to practice it because it was considered a distraction and it affected productivity from the country.

Golf Game

Golf is played in a specific field for this, being composed of 9 holes or 18 (there are also small, unprofessional and more present fields in hotels or something similar may have between 3 and 6 holes).

The path between the place where you start the shot called the tee to the hole is called Fairway this includes various obstacles such as shoals, lakes, trees, different slopes, among others making all fields different from each other and showing that it is a game that requires a lot of technique and reading of the situation and the Fairway.


There are several ways to play, especially as to the rules and way of winning the game, the following two being the most used:

  • Stroke Play: Win the game that makes the least total number of shots to complete the entire course through the holes (the most played form);
  • Match Play: In this variant, each hole is counted as if it were a phase. For example, if in the first hole, you need 2 shots to get into the hole and your opponent has used 4 shots, you have gained a point, always like this until the holes run out;

female golf


Pairs are reference values that indicate the statistics that a reasonable player must achieve.

  • Hole Pair: It is the average number of strokes a player needs to get the ball into the hole. This value varies according to the distance between the tee and the hole, which can vary between 200 and 500 meters. Fairway. The summations are par three holes (up to 228 m), par four (up to 430 m) or par five (over 430 m). For women, the distances are a bit smaller.
  • Country pair: The total sum of the pairs of all holes gives the final result of the field pair. If the result is 80 pair and you do 81 shots, you ended “one above par”, if 79 was “one under par” and always so.


What do I need to be a good player?

Be fit

A golfer, even a professional, need not be a born athlete and have lots of muscles because if we watch the games on TV he will realize that they do not seem particularly strong. Even so, you should always do some stretches when playing, and maintain a good physical activity, especially cardio, which you can achieve with a daily run, even if short.

Intelligence and Technique

These things you will usually gain over time, gain experience and with multiple repetitions and bug fixes, will improve.

More important than always sending with force (which may even be harmful) you should send with the indicated strength, with a compact posture to choose the best possible route together also the appropriate choice of the club. All this you get with the experience.



It is not something that you do not have, like the technique, will hurt you in the game itself, but golf is a game of gentlemen, although you may be competing, and the label and respect for the opponents is something super enjoyed in golf and that without which no one will consider him a good player.

Have the right equipment

Again, it is not essential to have super tacos and the rest of the material in optimum conditions, even though this influences. Having all the material you need and in good condition, along with an intelligent use of it is fundamental in a good sportsman.


Equipment for playing golf


As you might imagine, without tacos you cannot play, they are fundamental to your game. They can be made of wood, irons and putters.

The wooden ones are numbered from 1 to 5, with the number 7, 9 and 11. Each is indicated for a different type of stroke and for a different situation.

Irons (little used by amateur or medium players) are quite difficult to play because you have to hit that one sweetspot so that they behave as you want and result in a good shot.

Putters come in a variety of shapes and weights, with each player usually having their preferred type of putter, which is gained by continuing to play.



These if they are light can be taken to the back, or if you prefer you can use a trolley to carry them and so do not have to carry them.

This can all be done by the caddy, who is like his assistant, carrying things by himself or carrying, which you can talk about the field and plays or the club to choose.

The player can not walk with his bat in his hand between holes, hence the existence of the bags as well. A golfer usually takes between 12 and 14 golf clubs in his bag, this being the maximum number of golf clubs allowed.


The golf ball is usually white and has about 300 to 400 spherical holes in it, thus helping in its aerodynamics. The established regulations say that the diameter of the ball can not be less than 42,67 mm, nor its weight greater than 45,93 grams.

golf ball

Hole in One

As for example in volleyball there is Ace, in golf the play that consists in hitting the hole with only one stroke is called Hole in One, being played this something not so common to happen.

Usually, professional competitions always have a prize for the players who can do it, and if you are playing amateur with your friends, it is customary, for example, to pay lunch to other players or something.

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