Handball Court [ Measurements, Lines, Colors, … ]

handball court is where players can play handball, which is the only sport to use these measures and lines.

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Measurements and Dimensions Handball Court

The measurements (or dimensions) vary slightly, the length can range from 38 meters to 44 meters in length, while the width varies between the 18 meters and 20 meters.

By convention, most of the blocks are 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, and these may be called official measurements.

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The court is bounded by its lines. They help to mark certain areas as you will see next.

Limit Lines

These lines are the ones that separate the inner part from the outside of the court. They tell the players where the limits of the game are.

Central Line

Each team has its half of the court, and when they are playing in the middle of the opponent’s field,

The centerline divides the field into two, being centered in relation to the length of the court.

6 Line Meters

This line has the shape of a semi-circle and is at each end of the field.

She is the closest semi-circle line near the goalkeeper and delimits the area in which he can walk and take steps with the ball at will.

The zone within the line is called the goalkeeper’s area and neither defensive nor offensive players can step on the line or enter the area with or without a ball.

9 Line Meters

The line with the semi-circle format after the line of 6 meters and the dashed line is called 9 meters because it is the 9 meters of the beacon.

It is from here that most fouls are scored, especially those committed by the team to the defense.

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Quadra Markings

The 7 meters of each goal mark is a marking, which is called a marking 7 meters.

When a player is attacking and suffers a more serious foul, the referee signals a maximum penalty, which is marked in that mark.

A little closer to the goal, inside the goalkeeper’s area, is the marking 4 meters.

This mark tells how far the goalkeeper can advance when a player of the opposing team is scored a maximum penalty.

Handball Beacon

The beacon is usually made of a tube with 4 faces, having the shape of a parallelepiped, and measures 3 meters long and 2 meters high.

They usually also have a plaid pattern painted on the beams.


Colors of the Quadra

In a handball court, there are no defended courts.

Nevertheless it is recommended that the goalkeeper’s areas be of a different color from the rest of the court.

This is because as players cannot enter it, they should be able to easily see where it is, even when they are in the middle of the adrenaline of a move.

And, That’s all. We hope you know more about the dimensions and dimensions of a handball court, including colors, lines, etc …

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