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How to Make a Ping Pong Table

If you do not have money for a ping-pong table and have some time to make one, then now let’s show you how to make a Ping-Pong table and save about 7x what you could afford for a good new table.


– 2 Plywood / plywood sheets with 15mm thickness
– 1 Black spray can for table legs
– 1 Can of wood dough
– 1 Ink can for the surface of the table
– 1 White spray can for markings
– 4 Hinges
– Fine sandpaper
– Waistband / Table tops
– 4 Ferrolhos
– 4 Table edge protections


First with a saw should cut the plywood sheets until they each have 1,37 meters long by 1,52 meters wide, and they usually come with 2,20m / 1,60m.

When you have cut the correct size, you should apply a thin layer of wood so that it is threaded and the ball gives a good “quique”.


You should create a frame with the slats around each of the plywood sheets, thus creating a support to fasten the table legs and reinforce the table structure.

Now apply the hinges to the corners of the table to secure the legs and lock them open freely.


Apply the bolts in the middle of each sheet and drill the legs so that the holes are aligned with the bolts, thus allowing them to be fastened with them and the transportation of the table easier.

Use the thumbscrews to strengthen the leg structure and thus make the table tougher. They will also serve to join the tables and thus create the Ping Pong table.


Apply a coat of paint of your preferred color (usually the tables are blue, green or black) and after drying apply another coat, trying to get the paint to be even.

You just need to create the white markings with the spray to complete your table. Use something to limit the area you want to paint, such as a board or card.

how to do table-ping-pong

Buy a Ping-Pong network ready and apply to the middle of the table and voila, is ready to play.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you and now you know how to make a Ping-Pong table for yourself, your family and friends.

Video of the construction of the table []

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