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In Table Tennis the Service has to be Crossed?

This is a question that comes to many people who start playing Table Tennis or who play Ping-Pong with friends.

And the answer to this question is quite simple.
The answer is No!

Your service does not have to be crossed and you can do it in any direction of the table, including hitting the corners.

Why did this discussion come about?

The most obvious reason is that when you are a beginner, it is difficult to cover the entire table bottom to receive the opponent’s service and thereby limit the opponent’s service.

In Table Tennis, it is not compulsory, but if you only play in a recreational way (this is called Ping Pong) there are not really rules for this and it ends up by anyone adopting the rules in their own way.

So the next time your friend comes up with the “Look at the table tennis the sack has to be crossed …” you really explain what the rules are and then decide whether they will do it or not if it is played only recreationally.

Exception to Rule

It is true that in Table Tennis the service does not have to be crossed, but this is only in Singles / Singles.

If you are playing doubles then yes you will be required to service crusader towards your opponent.

table tennis-serve-crusade


I hope you have clarified when your question of “In Table Tennis, the Service has to be Crossed” and if you liked the article, share it with your friend who is always annoying with this subject.

Thank you for your attention and good continuation.

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