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All about Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a type of struggle that is based on personal defense, doing it in the most effective way possible.

History of Krav Maga

This type of fight came at the hands of Imi Lichtenfeld, who created the Krav Maga based on their combat experience and aiming to create a super-efficient style in a fight.

The Krav Maga is not considered a sport nor a martial art although it is inspired by many martial arts, such as Kung Fu, Jujistu, Judo, among many others, most of Japanese origin.

Imi Lichtenfeld began by teaching this style of fighting to the military forces of Israel so that they could be as efficient as possible in a fight (it could be one against one or against many, like or unarmed, …)


Government Organizations

Being so good at personal protection, the Krav Maga is currently taught in various military forces and authorities, such as the Mossad. FBI, CIA, New York police, …

Characteristics of Krav Maga

As has been said, its main feature is its efficiency.

Fighters should always have some concepts in mind:

  • Do not be hit
  • Hit the opponent in the most fragile areas (eyes, throat, genital area, …)
  • Switch between defense and attack quickly
  • To make a continuous attack without giving chance to the opponent
  • Be aware of what surrounds you so you can use it as a weapon and to know where you can escape

As you can see, these concepts do not really fit into a sport, even because these things give rise to dangerous techniques made to inflict pain on the opponent and subjugate him (which can even result in serious injury or death.)


Of course, your workout is very extensive and practitioners do a lot of sparing using uniforms and protective cushions so they do not get hurt.

These trainings try to be as comprehensive as possible, and so simulate various situations like being leaning against a wall, the opponent having a knife, being several against one, etc …

Is Krav Maga accessible to everyone?

The answer is yes.

In the beginning it was only taught to the military, but nowadays there are already several clubs that teach the practice of this type of struggle.

You should always make sure that whoever is teaching you knows what to do, because even though you do not have rules you must be careful in doing certain techniques, especially in practice.

You should have a physical preparation also to be able to do the techniques properly and have their reflexes in the best possible way.

Graduation in Krav Maga

Although not a sport nor a martial art also has graduations, having adopted the system of colored bands such as Judo.

These graduations indicate your level in the practice of this style of fighting and also of the time you already train. As you progress through the tracks you will also learn more techniques.



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