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All about Street Football

Street Football is a sport that varies a little from traditional football. Whoever thinks street football is just a kid playing against the wall on the street is mistaken.

Of course, this is also included as street football. Those games with friends in the street or in the cement/asphalt field, fun and magic but now there are already some championships around the World… It’s true.

Most of these championships are to promote the cause of the homeless or the children with complicated childhoods, not being now played only by children but also by adults. Some of the competitions made by the world:

  • South American Street Soccer Network
  • Homeless World Cup
  • America Scores
  • Soccer in the Streets

Most of these competitions as we have already said are to promote some cause but do not think they are easy or small contests because some of them even join many different countries and talented players.

Rules of Street Football

Another thing I probably never imagined is that street football also has rules. They are not as fixed as in normal football and every association and competition has some different rules but there are certain things that all obey, such as:


The street football court should have as measures 21 meters long and 16 meters wide. The game should be divided into two parts, each of 7 minutes. Each team has 4 players in the field, 1 being their goalkeeper, and they can be male, female or mixed.

The ball used is the same as that used in futsal and the substitutions are unlimited.


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The goalkeeper / goalkeeper can not score goals, and if that happens the goal is not worth it. Also cannot leave the large area. If you leave without the ball is marked foul, if you leave with the ball, then it is a penalty.

If a player delays the ball and the goalkeeper picks up with the hand it is missing from the place that the pass was made. The goalkeeper also can not have the ball for more than 5 seconds.

The large area is a prohibited zone for all field players, being either defense or attack. If a player on the defending team enters the area, then a penalty will be awarded. If it is from the attacking team will be scored goal kick.


These change a little football. The yellow card is applied just like football, in plays with some danger, insult to the opponent among other things.

The difference is that if you take 2 yellow, then you are given a blue card and the player is suspended for 2 minutes of the game, leaving the team to play with at least one element.

If you make a very serious foul or accumulate two blue cards, then you get a red one and you are prevented from playing the rest of the game and your team plays with less one element. You are also prevented from participating in the next game.



These have the same functions as in soccer but there are only 2 referees present in the game: the main and the auxiliary.

Street Soccer: The Basis of Soccer

Street football was practiced by many of the best players in football such as Pelé, Romario, Eusébio, Cruyff, Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi, Robinho and Cristiano Ronaldo.

These did not participate in competitions but began to play with friends in the streets, often with shoes to make beacons and it was there where they were discovered.

Football ended up developing a lot in Brazil even by street football, which many children played for fun and also could not afford. This made them develop much more technique than a normal player would develop and so they excelled. From there it inherited the technical way of the Brazilians to play.

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