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7 Types of Handball Throws

When it comes time to make a pitch there are several possibilities.

What will make you do this or that pitch often has to do with your positioning, the positioning of your opponents, the goalkeeper, among other factors.

It is important that you can make several types of pitch so that you are a more complete player offensively and thus able to surprise your opponents.

Do you think you already know all types of pitch in handball?

I’m pretty sure you will not meet them all, but let’s see it then.

Types of Handball Throws

Throw in Support

This pitch is the most common and is one in which one of your feet or even both are in contact with the ground and you make a pitch by rotating your arm above the height of your shoulders.


Throw in Suspension

This is when you hurl and are not in contact with the ground. Either you had the ball and jumped or caught it while you were up in the air and decided to shoot the goal.

Throwing in Fall

Most used by the team Pivot but also by the sides, this is one in which the player with the ball is falling into the opponent’s area and drops the ball before falling.

Often starts with a pass that was made between two defenders or that the player managed to roll towards the goal.


Bearing Throw

This is very similar to the suspension throw, having as the only difference the moment after releasing the ball.

Here the player when it comes into contact with the ground makes a roll to be able to make a better landing.

It is usually made in a faster suspension throw as a counterattack.

7-Meter Throwing

It is performed when a fault is scored for 7-meter shooting.

Normal throw that runs from the 7-meter line.


Hip Throw

Here the player instead of throwing a flamboyant flip over, he hides the ball and flings it around the waist with an armlike movement that looks like a whip, using the rotation of his hip.

Little used because it requires space between the defenses but always surprising for the opponents.

Balloon Shoot

In essence, here is a pitch that makes a hat to the goalkeeper.

The ball is thrown with a trajectory so that it passes over the goalkeeper and ends up entering the goal.


And these are the types of handball pitch we have to show you today.

If you know any more or just want to leave your opinion, do not forget to write something in the comments below.

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