Wheelchair Basketball [ History, Rules, … ]

Wheelchair Basketball is a variant of traditional basketball, but this is played by players in wheelchairs, which have some permanent motor deficiency.

History of Wheelchair Basketball

This sport emerged near the beginning of the twentieth century and was intended to reintegrate soldiers who had been wounded from the war in society and give them a purpose, thus helping in their rehabilitation.

The same process happened with several Paralympic sports, and they have not only a sportive aspect, but also human.

Adapted basketball is one of the few sports that started early in the first Paralympic Games and that to this day are still part of this competition, this from 1960.

In 1968, the sport was no longer just for men and women also won their place in the Paralympics.

Wheelchair Basketball Game

Here everything is practically the same as traditional basketball. The court has measured 28 meters long by 15 meters wide. It has to be bounded by lines, all lines are the same and the basket is the same height as normal basketball, 3,05 meters from the ground.

The game also starts with a ball in the air, and players can not get up to get to the ball.

It is played by 6 players of each team and the game is divided by 2 periods, each of 20 minutes. If at the end of that time the teams are drawn, play a 5 extra time to try to break the teams.

Player Rating

For the sport to be more equal and fair, players have a rating system based on their degree of motor impairment, which from 1.0 to 4.5.

At the start, players to play should not exceed a total of 14 points in the standings.

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Players are required to have a card with their score and also the modifications they have in the wheelchair.


Wheelchairs Rules

As wheelchairs are an essential element in the practice of sports, it is also normal that they have their own rules and specifications, such as:

  • The chair must have 3 to 4 wheels, and the rear 2 must be large;
  • The rear tires should be a maximum of 66 centimeters in diameter and should have hand support.
  • The maximum accent height should be 53 inches from the floor and the footrest should be at 11 inches.
  • Players may have a cushion in the accent up to 10 centimeters except for players rated 3.0 or higher, which have a maximum of 5 centimeters.
  • Black tires, steering equipment and brakes are prohibited.


Basic Rules of Wheelchair Basketball

Let’s now list some of the basic rules of Adapted Basketball:

  • A player is considered off the field when his chair is at least slightly outside the field boundary or is stepping on the line.
  • If a player throws the ball to the opponent in order to get the ball out, the ball will belong to the opponent.
  • When a player has the ball in his possession resting on his lap, he can only push 2 to the chair. If you give more and do not pass, dribble or throw the ball is marked foul.
  • A player may not be more than 3 seconds in the opponent’s restrictive area, with the exception of the ball in the air if it is to receive a rebound or a dead ball.
  • If the player has possession of the ball and is pressed by the opponent he can only have the ball in his possession without throwing or dribbling for 5 seconds.
  • The team that has possession of the ball has 10 seconds to cross the center line to the opponent’s field.
  • Each team since receiving the ball has 24 seconds to effect its attack, which finishes when the ball is thrown and touches in the basket at least.

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